About Harriet 

Born 1991 in Frankfurt am Main, Harriet grew up with both Norwegian and German as her mother tongue. Harriet’s love for horses has been an enormous drive to push her career towards an equestrian related topic. She started riding at a summer camp when she was six and would always have to wait for next summer to ride again. Her passion for horses and ponies was so big, that her parents started to let her ride at a local riding school in Copenhagen when she was nine years old. At the age of ten she got her first pony: Mister Nice Guy. With him she participated in hunts and later on competed in the show jumping ring. In 2012 she decided to dedicate her life to horses, left her study at the International School of Management in Hamburg behind and started a blog about her daily personal equestrian life – the foundation for everything that has happened until now. Today, Harriet owns five horses, is an active breeder of Showjumpers and competes up to level 1.20m on a national level.

About the Company

Harriet Charlotte UG was founded in 2016 and started as a personal equestrian blog, which was first released in December 2012, where Harriet wrote down everything related to her horses, her every day life in the stable and started to collaborate with companies. After blogging about herself for a while she decided to go down a different path and create content with and of other people, bringing their unique stories into the spotlight. The blog transformed into an online magazine, publishing stories and articles about faces of the equestrian scene and also using YouTube as a platform to spread the life and style of horse people and their four legged companions.

In February 2018 Harriet decided to use her deep social media knowledge to work as a public relations and social media consultant for companies, professional riders and faces of the social media scene. The launch of this department of the company was kicked off with clients such as Landgestüt Celle, CHIO Aachen and Absolute Horses, making it a great success from the very beginning.