My first blog post was published in December 2012 – at that time just for fun and without any ulterior motives. When I switched to my own domain in June 2013, I began writing about my daily life in the equestrian scene on a regular basis. Over time, other topics related to equestrian sport were added and my blog – with the associated social media pages – grew.

In the meantime, my blog has become a profession, from which the rest of my company has grown, such as my social media consulting agency „HCJ Media“ and my online magazine „HCJ Magazine“. Never before would I have thought that a small idea would influence my future career and today I am more than thankful for this path.

Today I count seven horses and a dog to my family and in addition to equestrian sports, I have started to breed horses – this is why my current biggest dream is to buy my own bar, to have all of my animals under the same roof!