Just a snapshot of Civa yesterday evening after flat work waiting for her cookies

When I arrived in Denmark last week I was welcomed by hot weather – talking about definite summer goals! Now that the Danish Championships are about to begin the weather is looking gorgeous (when you’re inside) but when you’re outside it’s just windy and chilly. The first parasols already flew away, the flags are whipping in the wind and I start to wonder how Civa will react to all of this.

Today I’m going to be competing in the 1.15m show jumping class, tomorrow I’ll be competing in 1.20m and on Saturday I’ll be riding another 1.20m class. It’s something totally different here in Denmark! When I rode my first competitions they actually took place in Denmark, because I was living with my family in Copenhagen at that time. I like the system here much more than in Germany, because in Germany you never really know what to expect when you’re on your way to a competition, it might be built really small, but it might also be on the edge to the next higher class. In Denmark you kind of know what to expect due to the classification: 1.15m, 1.20m, 1.25m, 1.30m, ….those five Centimeter steps make it easier to set your goals, to sign up for the different classes and to take things up to the next level – or to take a step back.

The course was already set up yesterday and I’m really looking forward to ride. I must admit that I’m a little bit excited and got butterflies in my stomach but I guess that’s just normal.

But not only am I going to ride myself, mostly I will be behind the camera to film for Absolute TV, which is a video service Absolute Horses offers! I already filmed and edited two videos, one a few days ago and one yesterday. I will be shooting „best of“ films every day and do a lot of interviews. Take a look at what I’ve done so far:

A lot of you were asking me wether I speak Danish – yes, I do speak Danish, I grew up with German and Norwegian being my mother tongue. Due to my father’s job we moved to Copenhagen when I was about eight years old and therefor I learned English at school (I went to Copenhagen International School) and also Danish while I was spending time in the stable. In Denmark I actually first started to ride frequently on school horses, when I was ten I got my first pony and competed a little bit with him in Denmark, but after moving to Germany my interest in competitions got lost. To sum it all up: I speak Danish but I guess I have a weird accent to it since I’m always switching back to Norwegian. The languages are similar but not alike, which makes me probably sound really funny sometimes. But the more I speak the language the more I get used to it again. I’m also speaking Norwegian here and English, it’s a mix about everything which might explain the knot in my tongue (and my brain) at times. But yet I enjoy it so much and love the challenge to freshen up my Scandinavian languages again. It sometimes seems like a waste to be able to speak different languages when you don’t ever use them. It’s the same with Dutch, I was fluent but after not having used it in five years now I can still understand almost everything but wouldn’t call me capable of speaking it fluently anymore. Such a shame actually! Maybe I should move to the Netherlands after my stay here in Denmark…

After this short language excursion I will need to pack my things up and go to the stable to clean Civa – she probably looks like a mess and needs a bath.