As I mentioned in one of my previous postings I was in Aachen for a blogger event in may. The day was wonderful, I got to meet a lot of my friends again whom I’ve met through social media. It’s actually pretty weird that different apps that don’t take place in real life and promote a glamorous „second life“ are able to connect real people offline. I would have never imagined that the girls I was following would once become my friends, that we would want to go on a holiday together and that I would truly miss them when they’re not around.

This video sums up all the love we share and the moments we spent together during the blogger event. I am really looking forward to the CHIO Aachen where I’ll meet them all again and since we’re staying in the same hotel we’ll have lots and lots of pajama parties, will order a lot of food and simply have a wonderful girls-time. That might be the one (small) downside of social media, you connect real quick with people from all over the world but once strangers become friends you notice that some distances are much longer than you thought.