We are offering different types of collaboration possibilities, always focussing on authenticity, transparency and high quality productions. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our offers or take a look at our media kit first. We offer short- and long-term collaborations, our long term partnerships are listed below.

Our long term partners are:


I’ve been working with Riders Deal for a while now and I’m really happy about this cooperation. This is not only due to the own brand, which Riders Deal is gradually expanding, but also to the great team behind the company. Especially the image film shooting showed again what a cheerful crew is located in Munich and what a great sense they have for social media faces of equestrian sports. Although we are all very different, it was an incredibly harmonic trip with a lot of laughter, a lot of fun and – of course – a lot of food.

Riders Deal breeches are now in great demand and an absolute insider’s tip when it comes to affordable riding breeches that don’t fall apart after the second wash. The trousers are not only available as breeches, but also as leggings for those who like it more comfortable. However, the company did not start with its own brand, but actually with offering deals. Those who are registered with Riders Deal get access to the platform where they can buy products from different brands at reduced prices.

For me, this cooperation has become an established part of my everyday equestrian life: I have been using my blue dressage boots ever since my first package from Riders Deal arrived and my dark green breeches are my absolute favourite breeches and fit with every colour. The ankle boots (laced and unlaced) take me to the paddock or to the field and Civa is happy about the regular treat bags that come with her name printed on them. That’s what I like so much about Riders Deal. The love for details, the tendency to think outside the box and the passion for equestrian sports and the products that go with them. The products are available in lurid, but also in muted colours. There is definitely something for everyone and I am very proud to be part of the Riders Deal team.

KEP Italia

Some time ago I used to enjoy riding without a hat, I thought it was cool and didn’t worry about the consequences it might have or see the big importance of it. And that is not even that long ago, it was in 2014 when I rode Wonne without a hat from time to time. In the meantime I feel weird and even a little uncomfortable without wearing one, it feels like it´s supposed to be there. That’s why I am more than happy to be part of the “KEP Team” now. I loved their hats for a very long time and buying my first one was something I was saving money for over a long time, because it was the first gadget I got myself in this very high-priced class. I got to be honest: there are way less expensive hats you can buy that also make a great job. But buying my first KEP hat is two years ago now and it was always a dream of myself to own one of these one day, which I fulfilled myself and ever since didn’t regret it at all. A little fun fact: hats tend to sit very down in my face due to my forehead that is not so high. However, I can see everything without restriction, something that people don’t always believe if they see me from the outside, which is also why I often get some really funny comments on social media about that. It´s totally okay for me though and I feel very good wearing KEP hats, they regulate the humidity, look nice and they are available in a thousand different versions (from noble to extraordinary everything is included).

Umgesattelt Sattelergonomie

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A Equipt

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