09bc32bb-d543-4e78-a0cc-3ed8162e21d0June has gone so fast and a two weeks ago I posted my June goals – goals can be anything, it doesn’t have to be something big, just small milestones or things you need to remind yourself of. Now, in the end of June, I want to see what I’ve accomplished – and which goals I will need to adjust or which new goals I will need to set.

  • Send my invoices etc. to my accountant/tax advisor on time. I actually never seem to get it right and don’t know why. I need to remind myself of being on time almost every single time and I am really bad at sending my things over to my accountant on time. I am always late, which is really bad. Wow, this didn’t work out at all, guess who’s late again, guess who „lost“ many of the invoices and has to send a lot of mails to get copies from different companies. I always have everything perfectly done, but I always need to stress. I never make it on time.
  • Start running. I need to get my fitness level up more and it will also be a nice change for Sheldon in his every day activity „plan“. Memo to myself: I HATE running. I tried (guess that means an A for effort) but realized I absolutely don’t like it. Instead I found out that I love to go on really long walks with Sheldon. I try to walk him really often and he gets a lot of action when we’re in the stable. But I myself am often so busy, that I believe that I don’t have the time every day to go on long walks. Guess what, instead of running I now take myself the time to go for a walk, right now one of our „standard walks“ each day lasts for 1.5 hours and I am more „power walking“ than just normally walking. Once it has become a habit, it is much easier to to every day. And honestly I enjoy those moments: it is so peaceful in the forest and I feel as if someone pressed a pause button in my brain. The best stress relief ever!
  • Get better sleep. This sounds weird because one can’t really control the sleep-quality, but I definitely need to start sleeping in a better way, which means I need to go to bed at a reasonable time. I usually don’t go to bed too late, but I always find stuff to do on my laptop or phone. Work, online shopping, texting friends back, etc. and suddenly it’s way past midnight and my alarm is going off latest at six o’clock in the morning. No wonder I’m always tired. I really need to fix this. This didn’t work out either…sadly I am being haunted by nightmares. I don’t sleep well and probably not enough. This definitely needs to be changes ASAP!
  • Work on my self trust and esteem. Especially being here in Denmark and seeing all these great riders around me I feel more and more like an untalented potato while riding. Of course you always need to adjust things when you’re working together with another trainer, but I certainly feel like I’m not capable of doing anything at all. It’s not about fake-believing in yourself or lying to yourself and pretending you did great when you didn’t. I love to be realistic. But people keep telling me I’m being too hard on myself. So instead of always putting myself down I should use this energy to try to find out how to improve. I can see that I am moving in the right direction with this. As said I was a little bit nervous around all of these great riders, but after having trained a few times, getting positive and „negative“ feedback I am working on my problems a lot even when I’m alone – I used to be afraid to try out the things I learned in my training lessons because I was afraid that I would do something terribly wrong and make the „problem“ even worse. Now I am finally daring to try out different things, for example working on the gallop in turns and keeping the leg on the horse by jumping small jumps. It helps to find and keep the rhythm.
  • Get better at connecting with friends and family. I’m constantly on the run and sometimes the people who are dearest to my heart kind of get lost along the way. It’s not that I loose friends – I’m sometimes just not being the friend I want to be and that my friends deserve. I am really bad at answering WhatsApp messages or calling people back. I am doing my best to keep connected with my friends but must admit that it is really hard being a good friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, rider, editor, CEO (sounds weird), etc. all at once. Of course our social environment shouldn’t stress us out but sometimes I get really stressed because I think I am not making it up to everyone whom I love! But I am getting better at letting work be work and take my time off to spend it with the people who are close to my heart – even if only via telephone or mail.
  • Answer mails ASAP. Business mails is also something that I’m really bad at answering immediately. That is because there is so much to do and I sometimes simply can’t find the time to answer – but the problem is I also tend to forget to answer mails due to receiving so many mails that the ones I didn’t answer immediately keep on slipping more and more to the bottom. I would call myself a pro at this now. I am answering mails real quick and I feel so much better about it. Now I just need to keep this habit up and everything will be fine!
  • Start to meal prep. I already started meal prepping salads, but I want to dig into this topic even more. It saves so much time and by the way I just love mason jars and think it looks totally fancy to run around with one of those – definitely the number one reason to start to be a meal preper. Just joking, but I guess you get the point. No, I didn’t become a meal prepper over night. Sometimes it works, but most of the time I just eat plain guacamole or soup. But I will definitely give it a go in order to eat more healthy.
  • Wash and clean my tack every day after riding. I have gotten much better at this, but I still need more improvement! Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.