In the warmup ring (Picture: Danijel)

Today was our first start in a competition here in Denmark – it was quite spontaneous to take part in this competition since I only arrived a week ago and didn’t even know that I would be able to start. Obviously I am not starting as a potential Danish Champion – not only that I am not Danish but I am also far away of being capable of jumping such a course. But since this is a national competition I am allowed to start regularly as I did in Germany. I only needed the permission of the German FN to sign up for my classes and because Civa and I are both registered at the FEI the entry was really simple – one click and we were ready to go. Actually we were talking about it the first time on Thursday I think and I only got the permission on Tuesday, so one day before the competition started I first knew that we would be competing – it has it’s good and bad sides to be this spontaneous, believe me.

So after she felt really great yesterday in the flat work (I couldn’t ride her for three days because I was in Germany to work) she felt almost exactly as great while warming up. When we started jumping I could feel that I was a little bit nervous and that Civa was nervous, too. As I mentioned in a blog post before it was and is really windy here in Denmark, so the flags are whipping around, the bushes and trees are moving – not the easiest venue for sure. When I entered the arena I sort of forgot everything I’ve been working on for the past couple of days and also weeks. My legs were like pudding. I wasn’t riding well and was quite disappointed after my ride. Not because of Civa, but because of myself. My trainers here came to talk to me afterwards and said that it’s ok and that not everything was bad, what mistakes I made, how to change this, what to keep in mind. It was really great to hear good and bad sides of my ride, all analyzed and kept as a short feedback. Instead of me staying disappointed I am now eager to do it better tomorrow.

I think it is always important to be realistic, I hate feedback where people tell me I did great when I know I didn’t. But sometimes I just need someone to tell me that not all is bad and that I do have positive aspects in my riding. I think that some things just take time and that you can’t expect everything to happen overnight. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s round – my trainer told me to stay cool, that no one is expecting me to win or anything, that it’s also just to see how it works and for me to „get going“. After the Danish Championships they will also ride Civa a bit once in a while which I think is fantastic! I think it is so much easier for a trainer to give advice after haven ridden the horse himself because some things look different than they feel. I am absolutely looking forward to that, also to see my horse under another rider (especially when it is a rider this good). But now let’s focus on the following two competition days!

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