Collaboration with Pikeur.

This year I started my show season off with two new show jackets and I must say that I really like them a lot. Since my collaboration with Pikeur and Eskadron started a while ago I’ve been having a few show jackets, all were really nice but these two are my favorites! There is one in a more classical cut but with a modern twist to it due to its color and the other one has such a cool collar that flatters the figure of the rider.


Klea Vario

The first one comes in a damp shade of blue which is not a color you see everywhere. Although it’s a special color, it’s still not „over the top“. The jacket is closed with a zipper and buttons on top, which is really flattering. The modern jackets are almost always made of soft-shell material which usually show every crease, but due to the zipper under the buttons the jacket fits perfectly and the button holes won’t get pulled to the sides in an unflattering way. A wonderful detail is the black stripe around the collar – it adds a little „extra“ to the beautiful design, which you might call a classic cut.

Now to the best part: this is a jacket that you can design by yourself! There are various combinations possible and this way you can design your very own jacket which suits you, your horse, your style and the rest of your competition outfit to the maximum!

IMG_4868-web IMG_4872-web IMG_4882-web IMG_4886-web IMG_4887-web

IMG_9222 IMG_9211 IMG_9220


This is my new all-time favorite show jacket! The cut, the color, so classy and still with a modern twist. The collar is one of a kind, a little bit swan-necked which is really flattering for all types of body shapes. I wore this jacket to my first international competition this year in Nörten Hardenberg and wore it at my first show here in Denmark and I feel so comfortable in it. You actually don’t feel that you’re wearing a jacket.

IMG_4928-web IMG_4929-web IMG_4936-web IMG_4974-web

JENSEN Harriet Charlotte (GER), Civa Nörten-Hardenberg - Burgturnier 2018 Escon SpringClub SML Tour 25. Mai 2018 Lafrentz

JENSEN Harriet Charlotte (GER), Civa Nörten-Hardenberg - Burgturnier 2018 ESCON Spring Club SML Tour 27. Mai 2018 Lafrentz

JENSEN Harriet Charlotte (GER), Civa Nörten-Hardenberg - Burgturnier 2018 ESCON Spring Club SML Tour 27. Mai 2018 Lafrentz

Another great thing about both jackets is that you can just throw them into the washing machine and don’t need to give them away for cleaning which I personally find really relaxing. Also they are breathable, feather-light and are made of soft shell material, which makes them be sporty instead of stiff.