Harriet Charlotte Jensen launched her equestrian blog in July 2013 – what initially started out as a small hobby, quickly became self-propelled and evolved from a small business over time to a corporation (Harriet Charlotte UG). In addition to the personal equestrian blog, that deals with various topics around the personal life in and around the ambitious amateur sport, Harriet’s six horses Caesarion, Carlotta, Civa, Cosma, Quentin and Wonne, as well as with her adopted dog Sheldon, Harriet launched an online magazine about horses and people of the equestrian scene.

Today, several hundred thousand people from all over the world are following Harriet’s work, articles, videos and stories through different social media channels. Competitions, clinics, breeding, events, brand portraits, interviews, travel and many more topics are thematized and brought to life for the readers and followers.

Harriet’s Channels

On her own channels Harriet posts content about her personal life with her four legged companions and shares her experiences with the equestrian world (click on the names to get to the social media site).

Instagram: @harriet_charlotte (83,5k) 
YouTube: Harriet Charlotte Jensen (23,4k)

While YouTube is in German, the postings on Instagram are published in a German/English mix, depending on the target group of each post.

HCJ by Harriet Charlotte Jensen’s Channels 

The channels of HCJ by Harriet Charlotte Jensen are about equestrians and their horses from all over the world, bringing to you their unique stories through different social media channels (click on the name to get to the social media site).

Instagram: @hcj_byharrietcharlottejensen (16,8k)
YouTube: HCJ by Harriet Charlotte Jensen (38,2k)
Facebook: HCJ by Harriet Charlotte Jensen (17,8k)

YouTube is mainly German, although there already are a few videos in English. Facebook and Instagram are filled with English and German content, depending on the target group of each post.

The Website

The website www.harriet-jensen.de is divided in different parts: people, horses, sport, personal blog and social media learning. The website was visited nearly 2.000.000 times in 2017 (average of almost 160.000 clicks a month) and nearly 563.000 unique visits (average of 46.920 uniques per month). There was a clear decrease in 2018, due to the focus on the public relations and social media consulting agency. Therefor there was a lack of postings in 2018, which led to an enormous low in the visiting numbers (screenshot of 2018 was taken in the beginning of December 2018). The website is visited monthly 58.300 times (19.100 uniques). In 2019 we are expecting to be back with our top numbers and our goal is set for 2.500.000 visits.

Information was gathered through WordPress.

Our Readers are from Germany (69%), Austria (4%), United States (2%), France (1%) and Switzerland (1%).

16% of them are male and 84% are female and the main age group is 18-24 years old, followed by 25-34 years old, 13-17 years old and the 35-44 years old.

There are several forms of collaboration with the website of Harriet Charlotte Jensen. Authenticity, long-term success and added value for all involved parties (client, Harriet Jensen and the customers / follower) are in the absolute focus. HCJ refrains from direct, eye-catching advertising and discreetly places products in the legal framework and incorporates them into a suitable story. This approach has proven itself in recent years. A high level of quality is ensured by working with professional photographers and videographers who have been working with HCJ for years. If you want to know more about our content creators check out our team.

We offer short- and long-term collaborations, please feel free to contact us for more information and pricing. You can also take a look at our current long term collaboration partnerships.