Picture by Danijel

As some of you’ve noticed, I just moved from Germany to Denmark to work on my career and also to improve my riding. Since I’m half German and half Norwegian and I’ve already lived in Denmark this step wasn’t such a big deal for me – maybe it’s also pretty calming, that it’s only a two-and-a-half-hour-ride back home to Hamburg. To sum it up: my starting conditions were very good and there was nothing to be afraid of.

A few months ago Camilla from Absolute Horses / A Equipt contacted me and asked me whether I’d like to work together with their brand. I’ve been following them for quite a while and was pretty flattered to receive this mail and immediately said yes. I took all my courage together and asked whether it was possible to take my horses for a training lesson some time – and suddenly we were talking about a six months stay in Denmark, with the possibility to train my horses with their team. This was in the beginning of the year and I actually never really thought I’d do it due to all of the obstacles I had to take, but here I am now, sitting at my desk in their beautiful office, writing down this blog article, not yet realizing how lucky I actually am. But I start to slowly understand what happened during the past couple of months.

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Civa and I arrived safely and she’s already feeling at home. She’s fresh and happy, I enjoy concentrating on one horse for a change again, although I definitely miss my other horses. I was a bit unlucky, Wonne hurt herself in the beginning of the year when she was out in the field and Caesarion’s Headshaking got worse again this summer, after I thought we’d be through with HS after his condition was quite alright last summer. But this year it already started in the beginning of march and it’s been a really bumpy ride since then, so I’ve decided to not take him with me to Denmark, but instead let him stay in Germany with a friend of mine who’ll ride dressage with him, go for rides in the forest and to let him get all the medication and treatment he needs to at least not feel uncomfortable. She knows a vet who’s not only working with modern medicine, but is also using alternative treatments such as acupuncture – fingers crossed that we’ll get a grip of it!

My first „big job“ for A Equipt and Absolute Horses will be my work during the Danish Championships where I’ll be doing interviews and filming for Absolute TV. I really look forward to it, I’ve already filmed and edited my first video about how to organize and get ready for such a big competition. Not only is it fun to work together with them, but it’s also really inspiring and I learn a lot. I absolutely look forward to the following months.