Yesterday I was signed up for my next show here in Denmark: Bækgaarden Horse Festival which will begin in 10 days. I am really looking forward to start in the Small-Tour (115 cm and 120 cm) and stay there overnight with two other girls from our barn. Next week I’ll be in Hamburg for three days, which is bad timing, but I’ve got a job there and on Friday Caesarion will be picked up and move to his new home – I haven’t sold him, he will just stay with a friend of mine while I’m in Denmark and since she was traveling the past month he stayed in Hamburg a month longer. My short stay in Hamburg is necessary, yet as mentioned I’d love to have a little bit more time for preparation, since we’re already leaving on Wednesday (04.08.) to Bækgaarden and will stay there until Sunday. This is only my second time traveling to a competition and staying there for a longer period of time. It’s so exciting to broaden my horizon, I am constantly learning about new things and I absolutely love it. I know I keep on repeating this, but I am so happy to have moved here.

Right now I have so many things on my to do list – I’ve still got a few videos left to edit for Absolute Horses, I want to film my info video about my stay here, I am updating my media kits for this blog and HCJ Magazine, need to adjust the price list for HCJ Media, have several mails to answer – the list seems to get longer and longer and every time I cross out one of the bullet points there are five new ones waiting for me. But I won’t complain, it’s better to have a lot to do than nothing when you’re self employed. Yet I am really looking forward to somebody helping me in the office and taking over some parts of HCJ Media really soon – I’ll keep you updated, but our team is growing! And I’ve got a few exciting things coming up regarding HCJ Magazine, HCJ Media and – what I really look forward to – a complete new project. That’s also why it has been so quiet on all of the channels lately, because we were making some changes – and I am really excited to show you the results really soon. But right now it is a little bit tough for me to do all of the things at once and most of the time alone…but as I said, I am working on it! Until then I will update you a little bit about the past couple of days here in Denmark (you can also follow me on Instagram, I there post more often and show you a many impressions of my everyday life here through my Instastory).


I truly have the feeling, that only taking care of Civa and making her „my number one“ at the moment has done a lot for us as a team. She is much more open, I feel like I’m getting to know the „real“ Civa much better now. She’s been in my life since December 2016, but she’s always been a little mystery to me: I didn’t always know what she was up to, what she liked and she didn’t seem to trust me. The trust on both sides became bigger and bigger, yet I feel like our move to Denmark and her being the only horse I take care of, meaning I have much more time to spend with her, has done so much for our bond. She’s much more positive now, I can see that in small changes like her behavior when I’m tacking her up: she used to go backwards a few steps when I wanted her to take the bit. She already did that when I got her and the old owners told me that that’s just the way she is. She wasn’t being mean or anything, but it seemed so unmotivated. Now she’s eager to take the bit, moves her head by herself into the snaffle and doesn’t walk backwards any more. She also used to bite while putting the saddle on, she’s almost stopped with that. I notice that the „little“ things have changed an it’s such a pleasure to see us grow together even more. She’s a keeper, I always knew, but I must admit that it was never so clear to me as it is now.

IMG_1765 IMG_1774 IMG_1807


I am still getting to know the place I live now – there are so many things I haven’t seen yet and I love to explore the places nearby by going on walks with Sheldon. I have also been to Kolding, Haderslev and Heijlsminde, going out to eat, strolling around in the cities and enjoying the seaside. So step by step I am getting closer to knowing my surrounding. I have always lived in cities, some bigger, some smaller – this is the first time for me to live on the countryside. And by this I mean the real countryside, it’s so quiet and peaceful here, I love it, although I am not used to it. The next bigger city (Kolding) can be reached in a thirty minute drive, which is a big difference to my apartment in Hamburg, where it took me 10 Minutes by train and 5 minutes by car to get to the centre. But I love it so much and it somewhat makes me question my future a little – do I really want to live in the city for the rest of my life? It’s weird, I’d love to have both, the countryside and the city, there are so many things I like about both of them.

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And best things last: Civa is no longer alone in the field, she’s now got two friends with her and enjoys it so much! She’s used to be in a big herd and I felt a little bad for her for being alone, so this is a wonderful change! They’re outside even when the weather is bad – only when it is really, really pouring they’re not staying outside, but to be honest, they don’t want to be outside then, they’re waiting at the gate until somebody finally picks them up.