A new week has started and I am already working in full speed to finish up all of the things I have on my to do list. I am a huge fan of to do lists, I love crossing out bullet points. I put literally everything on that list: important things such as answering mails etc. but also things, that not everybody puts on their list such as taking out the trash.

This week: 


..which is today, is full of office work: In the morning I already filmed Christine Christensen and Bo Kristoffersen for a video I am doing for Absolute Horses (it will be about Team Absolute, consisting of five pupils and three trainers). After I filmed I started translating my Media Kit, Pricing for HCJ Media Productions etc. into English, answered a few mails and put Civa in the walker and after that on the field. Right now she is not staying with the other two horses anymore because she was behaving really bad yesterday – she’s in heat right now and that’s why we needed to separate her from the other two. After it’s over she will be allowed to go out with the other two again but right now it’s the safest solution for all three of them. I will talk to a vet about this, because she’s acting up every time she is in heat, won’t stand still while I brush her and tack her up and is a real monster while riding. After two or three days it’s over, but these days are a true horror. Hope to find a solution, also for her sake! She’s such a sweetheart and completely changes during these couple of days.

Right now it is 11.00 o’clock and I am sitting in the office, writing down this blog post. After that I will start editing the interviews I did for the different videos and organize the sequels in order to be able to find them when I need them. That’s the worst part, organizing the different scenes: when I’m filming I am a huge fan of doing many things at once, meaning I film for different types of videos at the same time. During the Danish Championships I filmed for the every day videos, the best of videos, the Team Absolute video, the promo video which will be shown 2019, ….since I had to work real fast during the DM, I only organized them in days (Wednesday to Sunday).

After that I will go on a small walk (30-40 minutes) with Sheldon, then I’ll tack Civa up, ride her and maybe jump some small fences, after that I’ll go on a big walk with Sheldon (1.5 – 2 hours) and then it is already night time! I will then have to pack up a few things since I am leaving for Hamburg tomorrow.


I will set my alarm for 5.00 o’clock in the morning and go for a long walk with Sheldon, so that he has already moved a bit. After that I will go to the office, film Christian and Andreas Schou for the Team Absolute video and also for the promotion video of the Danish Championships in Danish and in English (there will be a video on the Absolute Horses YouTube channel and also on HCJ Magazine). Then I will ride Civa, maybe I’ll have a training lesson, depends a bit on the time. Then I’ll drive to Hamburg, drive to my old apartment to gather a few more things, will then visit my family, Caesarion and will then be off to my „new home“ in Hamburg, since I have already moved into my boyfriend’s apartment where I’ll live after I return from Denmark. Maybe I’ll leave Sheldon at my mom’s house so he skips coming with me on Wednesday to work and instead can have a fun day in the garden with my mom’s dogs.


Early wake up call, I will be off to Dobrock to film a show. This will take up most of my day, after that I’ll be back in my old stable to take care of Caesarion. If I leave Sheldon with my mom on Tuesday I will pick him up after and then I’ll head back home because I’m then going out to eat.


It’s not completely sure how my Thursday will look, maybe I will also just take a day off, take care of Caesarion, do a few more things in my old apartment etc. Maybe, if he has time to spare, I will make a few more videos with Jordi for HCJ Magazine. Depends a little. I will definitely need to pick out my rugs which were cleaned for me, because although it’s warm again now in Denmark we had a few really cold and rainy days. Just in case the temperature drops again I want to have some here with me. Also I will give one or two Sarah, who will pick up Caesarion on Friday.



I ordered food (groceries shopping) which will arrive between 09.00 and 11.00 o’clock in the morning. I wasn’t sure how my days would be and how packed they would be, so I shopped a little food online, which I usually never do, because I love to go food shopping (way more than I love shopping for clothes by the way). After that I will go to my old apartment, fix a few more things, then I will drive to my old stable, get Caesarion ready and wait for Sarah to pick him up. Afterwards my boyfriend and I will probably have a barbecue with my family, since the weather’s going to be nice.


After breakfast I will drive back to Denmark, ride Civa and start to edit my videos. I love working in the office on Saturday and Sunday because it’s so quiet. Walks with Sheldon are of course an every day essential.


Probably Sunday will be quite similar to Saturday: train, work, walk.

Next week:

Monday and Tuesday

I will probably train with Civa, not sure if I will have lessons or will train on my own, depends a little bit on the time schedule. I will also start to pack my things up for Wednesday.

Wednesday until Sunday

I am really looking forward to the days at Bækgaarden Horse Festival. I will compete in the Small Tour (115 cm and 120 cm) and we will be staying overnight. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope that I’ll manage to stay cool during my different classes. Civa and I worked a lot and have grown much more together as a team, now we only need to work together in our classes as we do while training. But I guess that’s part of the process of becoming successful, you constantly learn and (almost) no one is born a pro.