e1f0297e-07bf-48c3-9f1d-1141f900902cYesterday we took part in the 1.20m two phase jumping competition. What a great competition! I was really excited to start in this class, as I said two days ago I was eager to be much better. And we actually were so much better! I am so happy and relieved, I did a small mistake on jump number four which was really annoying because in the second phase you were supposed to jump the „Absolute Cars“ wall and I’ve never jumped a wall before. I am so happy to say that I am this keen on jumping, because there have been times where I would have been happy to just jump one jump and then I would have been completely anxious. Now I tend to have found my inner child who is always screaming „one more, one more“ when it comes to jumping. This is just really, really great and I am so thankful for this development.

I am really quick at doubting myself, I never blame my horse, I always feel like I am too bad, too untalented, too unsporty, too whatever negative thing might come to my mind to ride my horses the way they should be ridden. I always say to myself that there would be other riders more capable to ride them than me. But honestly said: who cares? Does that make them be less loved? No, not at all, I love them with all my heart, my emotions are not connected to my riding abilities. But back to the main topic, my second start here at the competition in Sommersted. It was totally different than the first day! The warmup was different, too. I was more focussed, really did my best to keep my legs still, to keep a good length in each stride, to stay cool, to keep my hands down – long story short: to be the best version of a rider that I am capable of being at this point.

Jump one to three went perfectly, then I shortened the gallop too much to jump number four so we had a fault there, this ruined our rhythm to jump number five a bit but we managed to get „back in the game“ after landing after jump number five. Jump six, seven and eight (combination) went really well and I was as mentioned above sad that I didn’t stay focused through the whole course. But it was such a different, it felt great and I was really happy! I talked to my trainer afterwards, asking him what the problem was, what I did wrong, what I need to change. Got a quick analysis of it and will now focus on Saturday, today we had a day off.

After our round Civa spent the whole day outside in the field, right now she is still staying alone but I might have found a buddy. We will try this next week after the Danish Championships are over, when everything is a little bit calmer. I am really looking forward to this! Tomorrow she will just relax, I’ll do wellness with her and also ride her a little bit – but everything without stress! Next week my boyfriend’s coming over for a few days to visit me here and I am so much looking forward to it, you can’t imagine. I am trying to get all of my work done so we can explore my new home together, I haven’t been outside of the stable or my home yet.

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